Hold Fast

There are a few dangers still lurking out there for our highly sophisticated species and great society!

What dangers do I speak of?

Well one is probably going to be assessed as a measure of My own ignorance. In fact I probably will miss this one and then stop today.

The writer of Proverbs makes use of the phrase “the hearing ear”. We who esteem ourselves wise like to those that we will be somehow in lesser condition and obtain lesser goals if we cease to hear All of what is published abroad.

It is true, unless a man or woman hear, they cannot know. And if they do not know, captured by swamp of great ignorance off they go into the featureless map of human hopelessness. Knowledge and wisdom are not imparted without hearing.

And here is the catch: from day one Satan understood the need of man to rely upon hearing.,. And through hearing then believing. So Satan’s first appearance in the scripture is with a perfusion of ideas and explanations certainly engrossing and be dazzling Eve and setting the stage for actions that directly resulted from hearing… Lies.

Some of us have come to profound confidence in resolution that many would call ignorant: We discern the spirit of the communicator and, given the quality and proper evaluation of the words and ideas, we choose to give them no space whatsoever in our lives.

Someone said, and I’ve always pondered the origin of the phrase “The devil is a lie”. Now, we know there’s something to be added here because the devil is a personified and real spiritual being who influences much that goes on in the world around us. But as a generic label, ” devil is a lie”, serves as a fine warning label in the shopping aisles of life.

And such a needed warning label is valuable! Communication in our age is nearly an estimably enlarged and voluminous like a storm-swelled great river. Countless, formally unknown mechanisms feed as tributaries into this great river. It’s power is to find the unstable, the unanchored, and the lightweight of this world and set it afloat in the direction of the Great lies being prolificated.

The purpose of the river and of the lies, is to enlist belief as a vessel for traveling the stream of lies.. who’s things in its path without anchor, without root Will with a certainty be swept away.

I challenge you today Christian, to explore the words “hold fast.. “. Holding fast can be a simple as refusing to allow the current of the stream of lies and wickedness which are engulfing the earth today from taking us away from our first promise.

In Noah’s day literal clouds rose, torrents fell and tempests reshaped the land. In this current day there was a greater storm carrying those who have no ark and no foundation to destruction. The intent was somewhat different but the larger purpose is the same. God destroyed wickedness in those days, but today God is allowing wickedness to destroy those who have no love for the truth.

Be sure to find your anchor, your foundation, and above all to see the signs which He has privileged us to understand.