The Pastor's Dilemma – Weighing Between Grace & No Grace

I recall, from my youth, using a platform trip scale, similar to modern weight scales found in doctor’s offices, where you slide a weight along a rail until the trip lever raises in between its two limits of upper and lower metal bars showing that the correct weight measurement has been reached and then by […]

The Preacher & What Determines His Ministry

In reality every preacher has several facets that ultimately determines the make up of his ministry….several of these determiners are: I. HIS THOUGHTS To me the thinking process of man is an extremely complex subject. “Thoughts” are seldom without history—in other words, they are built from the collected data of one’s experiences, emotions, and general […]

Ben, Look Again…. Could it be…. A Setting Sun?

I am made to wonder, after reading several books on the founding fathers and their original feelings and thoughts concerning the Constitution, if those men would be both amazed and indignant about how their child has been transformed into some kind of weird and grotesque creature bearing little resemblance to the innocent and bright-eyed babe […]

Life Changes, Not Land Captured

Vietnam was a war like no other war that American forces had ever been engaged in previously. Unlike World War I or World War II where geographical gains (or loses) were determinate of winning (or losing) battles, Vietnam, in contrast, was a war where geographic control had little to do with the overall outcome of […]

Standards Are a Root, Not a Leaf

“Standards” are a prescribed order of action or conduct. In the biblical sense “holiness standards” are God’s prescribed order of conduct for His people. Standards prescribe what one wears externally, but its essence flows from what one wears internally as the “new man.” If one sees the word “standards” as being only outward guidelines of […]

The Fight Over The Origin Of Holiness Standards Or The Spiritual Monkey Trial

It was officially known as Scopes v. State, but history remembers it as The Scopes Monkey Trial. For two weeks in the summer of 1925, in a crowded courtroom in little Dayton, Tennessee, religion squared off against science, and two sides struggled for the right to influence the minds of America’s youth. In reality the […]