Anointing is Not Always a Divine Anointing

I have, through time in the ministry, witnessed some unmistakable manifestations of Satan. I have seen people wither on the floor like snakes and small individuals throw several large men around like rag dolls among other various exhibitions. These people manifested strength and abilities not their own but were clearly the workings of the enemy. No doubt, […]

The Pulpit – Open or Respected?

First, it is clear that there is no such thing as “an open pulpit.” We realize what the phrase was meant to convey, but in reality there is no such thing as a pulpit that is truly open to any and all doctrines, ideas, philosophies and arguments. No true preacher of the gospel would allow […]

Worship Without Understanding

Acts 17:22-31 In contrast to what many may think, it is very possible to worship that which we don’t understand or, maybe, even know. The Bible clearly illustrates that certain men may, and do, worship without understanding: – According to Jesus: The Samaritans were doing so, John 4:22. – According to Paul: The Athenians were […]

Study To Shew Thyself Approved

I have come to a conclusion, after years of observing and inquiry of a plethora of preachers, that there are about as many different study and sermon preparation ways as there are preachers. But one thing is certain—preachers must be students—students of the Word, of people, events and life in general. To “study” is not […]