The Knee-Jerk Reactions Phenomena

Recently I was in a discussion with an individual with a strong Calvinistic mindset who was adamant about individual predestination (by the way, this was a Oneness preacher). It still amazes me that anyone could espouse such a foolish and erroneous doctrine especially anyone even a hint of the truth of the Apostolic faith. It […]

The Gospel’s Unavoidable Effect….

The preaching of the Cross of Jesus Christ created a great divide between the world and the Church—two distinctly different systems, scales of value, standards of judgment, sets of laws, which stand contrasted on the two sides of the Cross. The system of each is not only quite different but irreconcilable and forever mutually antagonistic. […]

When Two Very Different Worlds Collide

Even though, geographically speaking, the world of human spectators and the world of animal spectacles were set in the same area, nevertheless, they were never meant to blend together. The spectators and the spectacles were always separated by some barrier that was meant to keep the two from co-mingling. This is how a zoo was […]