Separation, it isn’t salvation

Separation! It isn’t salvation. Nope! It isn’t.
Folks get confused thinking separation is salvation. Our lifestyle is not our salvation. Salvation will change and govern our life style. Salvation will demand separation out of us but it doesn’t save us.

There are religions that demand separation but do not preach or practice the only saving message. Some are extreme in their separation even more so than we as Apostolics are. But not saved.

Only the blood of Jesus saves us when through faith we obey the gospel. Grace saves through the new birth. Except a man be born again! You can do everything we do in our life style or refrain from doing what we do not do but that will not save you.

Salvation is not by human works. Not of works lest any man should boast. However if any man is in Christ he is a new creature! We are ordained to works in Christ. We through the new birth put on the new man created in righteousness and true holiness.

Our desires change. Yes we battle the flesh. The body isn’t born again, only the spirit. So, there is a daily warfare going on. The Spirit will give us victory over the flesh if we allow it. Through the Spirit we mortify the deeds of the flesh.

The secret of an overcoming life is the Spirit. That is why everyone has to be born again. The works of the flesh my flesh, your flesh comes naturally. However the fruit is produced by the Spirit. Walking and living in and after the Spirit. The Spirit will demand separation In our lives and equip us to do it.

Worldliness is in our human makeup for we are of the world through our natural birth. But our second birth is heavenly thus Godward.

The carnal verses the Spirit. Who wins? The one you feed the most. Preaching, prayer, worship, faithfulness will feed the spirit man which will separate us unto Him and from the world.

Denying self and daily bearing His cross can only be accomplished by allowing the Spirit to guide our lives and help our weaknesses. Paul said we cannot begin in the Spirit and be perfected by the flesh. Willpower is not enough. Romans 7 teaches us that. But Romans 8 gives the remedy. The Spirit is the answer!