Which Came First – The Hole or the Bullseye?

A Marine recruiting sergeant happened upon an impressive sight while traveling in the country backwoods. At one roadside farm, he saw targets painted just about everywhere — on the barns, on fences, and on all the outbuildings. And exactly in the center of each target’s bull’s eye, there was a bullet hole! Knowing the Marine […]

Study To Shew Thyself Approved

I have come to a conclusion, after years of observing and inquiry of a plethora of preachers, that there are about as many different study and sermon preparation ways as there are preachers. But one thing is certain—preachers must be students—students of the Word, of people, events and life in general. To “study” is not […]

Holiness is an issue of the heart

Holiness is an issue of the heart. And the issues of life cometh out of the heart. That’s another way of saying that what is IN the heart is shown OUTWARDLY. Make no mistake about it — God requires both! Both the Old Testament and the New Testament are filled with instructions regarding outward things: […]