Sinning Against His Own Body

Sinning Against His Own Body Why is sexual immorality considered to be “sinning against one’s own body?” Mainly because the Bible declares it to be in I Cor 6. However, just exactly what does that term signify? What sets this act apart from others? While the consumption of drugs or alcohol (and other various sins) […]

Trinitarianism: Modified Tritheism

From this article by Jason Dulle People often confuse the “plain” statements of Scripture with a particular theology that has been developed from those statements. While each theological system is derived from and supported by references to various Scriptures, it does not mean that the theological system developed from those Scriptures is the teaching of the same. […]

Bible Collection or Dissection?

Bible Collection or Dissection? I have always loved word meanings—because words mean things—whether it be just the etymological tracing of words of the English language or of the Greek and Hebrew. It has always been hard for me to pass up a book with an alluring title that has something to do with word meanings. […]

The Parable Of The Wheat & Tares

THE PARABLE OF THE WHEAT & TARES To me there are several parts of the wheat & tares parable that give me pause from accepting the common interpretation that the parable is addressing the good and bad IN the church. First, there is the fact that the Lord Himself clearly explains the parable, notably telling […]

Rebuked For My Backwardness

Rebuked For My Backwardness I was rebuked . . .divinely rebuked! Some years ago, I was thumbing frantically through the pages of my study Bible in search of a text. I had earlier experienced something that had formulated into a good “thought” (as we tend to call such experiences) and it was building and fleshing […]