Sealed UNTIL The Time Is At Hand

It would be VERY BENEFICIAL for those readers who come across this thread, including seasoned and stable ministers of the gospel who’s doctrine is good having secure confidence in the knowledge of God’s plan, to spend some time looking through the subjects which is opening up. It takes considerable reading and some willingness to examine […]

The Satanic Assault On Reality

“Who changed the truth of God into a lie…” In other words, they assaulted reality and turned it into a lie. We are living in what the Scripture calls “perilous times.” The world seems overtaken with fear—fears over pestilences, political upheaval, rampant violence, financial collapse and most concerning, destruction of Christian values. We are beset […]

Hold Fast

There are a few dangers still lurking out there for our highly sophisticated species and great society! What dangers do I speak of? Well one is probably going to be assessed as a measure of My own ignorance. In fact I probably will miss this one and then stop today. The writer of Proverbs makes […]

Prelude to Armageddon – The Unyielding Heart of Man

It is almost beyond our mental capabilities to picture the events that Revelation chapter sixteen describes. The world, in all its horrors, has never witnessed such misery, war and destruction which are catalogued in this section of Holy Writ!The final set of judgments which are poured forth from “bowls of judgments” will deluge the inhabitants […]