Observations from an Old Preacher

Observations from an Old Preacher After 40 odd years (well not all of them were odd) of ministry I have learned (or learning still): I. Reading the Bible and reading the Bible can be two very different things. Since the Bible is unlike any other book in human existence, it therefore cannot be read like […]

Religion Becomes Only An Affair Of The Feelings Without Biblical Doctrines

I have become wearied at times as I have sat listening to certain preachers that place one story upon another story that leads to yet another story –without one hint of Biblical substance. And people seem to love it — but if that is what it is all about we ought to trade in the […]

The Semantic Slide To Schizophrenia

I was raised with the concept that words means things. As a preacher I am convinced that propagation of the gospel demands proper wording else it resides not in the highland of the clear and concise but flounders and sinks in the murky sea of fog and confusion. Habakkuk 2:2 reminds us that clarity of […]