Is this a Heaven or Hell Issue?

The following is for whoever may be troubled about all those mean old preachers who preach standards that aren’t named in black and white in the New Testament. We hear a lot of people these days asking if a certain thing is a “heaven or hell issue.” I think the very term smacks of bad […]

Justification and the Law

The faith of Abraham concerns justification.The Law of Moses concerns transgression. Law has never been the basis for justification. The model for New Testament justification is rooted in the Abrahamic model and not the Mosaic model. That was the whole point of “Paul’s Gospel to the Galatians.” -JDC- The law came to protect the relationship […]

UP SCOPE! – Seeing the whole picture.

The difference between a periscope and a picture window is an obvious one… the periscope is a “one-man” view while the picture window is a “group-view” experience. The one-man view is only different, however, from the group-view in that the periscope view is one man “at a time” while the picture window view is a […]

RIDING THE RAILS – Maintaing balance

Trains, well more so, their tracks have always fascinated me. How an engine weighing tons and sometimes pulling tons and tons of cars behind it can travel on two parallel strips of very smooth steel is fascinating. The train travels on a “gauge” – a 4-foot, eight-and-a-half inch width – which is the standard in […]

Observations from an Old Preacher

After 40 odd years (well not all of them were odd) of ministry I have learned (or learning still): I. Reading the Bible and reading the Bible can be two very different things. Since the Bible is unlike any other book in human existence it therefore cannot be read like any other book. However, it […]