The Satanic Assault On Reality

“Who changed the truth of God into a lie…” In other words, they assaulted reality and turned it into a lie. We are living in what the Scripture calls “perilous times.” The world seems overtaken with fear—fears over pestilences, political upheaval, rampant violence, financial collapse and most concerning, destruction of Christian values. We are beset […]

Hold Fast

There are a few dangers still lurking out there for our highly sophisticated species and great society! What dangers do I speak of? Well one is probably going to be assessed as a measure of My own ignorance. In fact I probably will miss this one and then stop today. The writer of Proverbs makes […]

Unknown Mercies

Unknown Mercies The BTK serial killer, Dennis Rader, who fed his perverted sexual appetite, for three decades, with the lives of other human beings, was considered by others that surrounded him to be just a normal guy. This “normal guy,” however, was able, over a thirty year time period, to keep hidden the heinous monster […]