Doctrinal Fad – Spiritual Communion

This is not for everyone actually it is more for serious younger ministers hopefully it will be a blessing.
Several decades ago a teaching originated out of Arkansas and was spread by throughout mostly the Mid South Arkansas, Missouri, North Mississippi, Tennessee, and yes even Kentucky. It was also scattered across the USA.

The teaching was first called “spiritual communion” as well as “bread of life.” In a nutshell it was the last supper was the last Passover therefore the literal observance of the Lord’s supper became “spiritual” the preaching of the word was breaking of the bread and worshiping in the Spirit was drinking the blood. Literal observance of the supper were preached against, labeled Catholicism, eating unworthily, and even by some the abomination of desolation. In truth it was a fruitcake doctrine that stood in clear contrast of simply doing what Jesus said to do and confirmed by the Apostle Paul. These folks forcefully preached this converting simple souls in traditional Oneness churches.

Like all false doctrines it bred other false doctrines. Churches split and the Apostolic movement took a stand against the teachings so that they became isolated from the rest of the movement. Even forming their own organization, The Associated Brotherhood of Christians even maintained their own campground outside Louisville, Ms.

In the early 80’s there came a change and a new movement was formed called the Apostolic World Congress Fellowship which was formed by some folks who also had been isolated by their false teachings concerning the Deity of Jesus. It became an umbrella to any group that preached Acts 2:38. Officials of the ABC quickly became associated even holding offices. Their tone changed they de-emphasized their novel doctrine hoping for acceptance.

Fast forwarding into the present day two things have happened. Some of their preachers have found acceptance among some Apostolics without questioning their false doctrine. Some good things have happened. With them not advocating their teaching in the last couple of decades the older pastors have either died or retired and younger preachers have taken their churches that believe in observing literal communion.

Beware, this false doctrine is not dead but playing possum. It is still who they are. We must be vigilant against this false teaching. When Jesus and Paul said “this do” that should be enough for any Bible believer.
Hopefully this will be a blessing and educational for young ministers.