UP SCOPE! – Seeing the whole picture.

The difference between a periscope and a picture window is an obvious one… the periscope is a “one-man” view while the picture window is a “group-view” experience. The one-man view is only different, however, from the group-view in that the periscope view is one man “at a time” while the picture window view is a multiple of “one-man” views all at the same time.

Even though the picture window may have several ogling viewers at once it still remains a lot of one-man views simultaneously — each one seeing from a perspective all their own. Police know well the incongruity that exists in eye witnesses – each witness, many times, relates the memory of the scene that often contradicts with other eye witnesses.

Trying to get everyone to see the same exact thing at the same exact time is much easier said than done. Why? because how we relate to things is always filtered, flavored and produced by the person’s person. It is a wonder at all that we can communicate as well as we do… but the more emotional the subject the more difficult it is to communicate it… that is why math is much easier taught to others than manners is taught.

“Trying to see another’s viewpoint” is an art that requires a disconnect inwardly and a connection outwardly. Sometimes the uninvolved party is not always available in a disagreement between vying parties and this absence of input is the missing ingredient to an agreement. The reason, again, is obvious — the periscope viewers see from an individual perspective and THINKS his opponent must see the same thing at the same time… bad mistake.

This is where prayer and spiritual guidance is invaluable…. because it allows us to slip into a “God’s eye view” of at least some of the elements of the situation or disagreement.


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