Uniting Requires Untying

Regardless of what some people may hope for or advocate, in this life anyway, there will and can be no perfect agreement of men in certain vital areas. No matter how loud the chant for unity may be voiced – there will always be a certain lack of cohesiveness existing among men. Is the reason for this disharmony a matter of good men versus bad men? Or is it a matter of age differences or of education? What causes the hoisting of different icons meant to identify differing camps of beliefs? Just what causes and why do these groupings occur?

What is it that makes the harmony of men an impossibility when dealing with doctrines of faith? And while many may view this disunity as an evil thing—we might be astonished to find that not only is it a reality but even a needful one at that. We also will find that the groupings are not necessarily caused by good men versus bad men or the aged versus youth nor the result of educational variables. Indeed, it would appear that boundaries and groupings are a necessary order that enables certain vital truths to not only have structure but also to breathe loudly with life.

The difference in math and grammar is that math is an exact science – one could never be correct to say that the sum of 2 plus 2 is 7. However, with grammar there are variables in the way things can be written or spoken. Likewise in spiritual things there are those elements that are “exact” and can only have one accepted (by God) answer. And then there are those spiritual elements that are akin to grammar and can have several different acceptable variations. It all depends therefore, on how we see the elements – either as math or as grammar…. and this is WHY the diversity of groups exists. There are those individuals that see some of the “exact” things not as math but as grammar and there are those that take some of the grammar elements and classify them as math—therefore, the cry is made “Israel to your tents!” when these diversities clash one against the other.

We already sense the dilemma in this situation—it all boils down to what we make “exact” and what we deem to have “variances.” If a proponent takes one of our “exact” doctrines and pronounces that is a “variable” then we have no recourse but to defend our math and if another proponent takes one of our variables and declares it to be an “exact” then we likewise have no choice but to defend our “variable.”

While all this may dismay some people the fact is—that these conditions MUST exist in order to cement Truth and to allow balance at the same time. Seems it was ordained to be. And while many moan about the ongoing waving of banners—we must understand that we must buy the truth and sell it not. Yes, the “let’s just all get along” cheerleaders will also be amid the spiritual tug-of-war in this life. We do need to stay near the Cross in order to soak our spirits and emotions with the blood of Calvary that we maintain a Christian attitude when we encounter those that do not count our math as math and also when we engage those that demand our grammar be math.

What good comes of all this grouping and camps? An ongoing discourse of WHY math is math and WHY grammar is grammar. And when scriptural evidence is given and accepted—converts are made. Let us strive to be Biblically honest in the fear of God and loving the truth and the souls of men—even those that seem to live in neighboring camps. Our salvation does depend on knowing our numbers and our A, B, Cs.

Not peace but a sword ….. still a hard pill to swallow.


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