The Speed Limit Syndrome of Compromise

The sign clearly reads… “55 MPH Speed Limit.”

The overall majority of drivers, I would say at least 85 percent, judge that anything over 55 MPH up to about 59 is not going to be a problem so the unwritten speed limit is “55 MPH is Really 59 MPH Speed Limit.”

SO… IF the signs are changed to read “59 MPH Speed Limit” … guess what happens? Correct, the NEW limit now becomes 64 MPH… move that to 64 MPH and you get … “69 MPH Speed Limit,” Ad infinitum.

Whatever you may think or how you actually perform concerning the highway speed limits, this easily understood scenario is exactly how compromise always pushes the envelope of holiness standards. Little explanation is needed here to rehearse this problem because we are all aware of it.

The fact is…. we understand the need of allowance to some degree in some lines…. the problem, however, is that in truth, in time, is that the line TENDS TO KEEP MOVING!

You KNOW what I mean, right?

— jlg —

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