The PC Principle

No, not the “Peter Principle” but rather the “PC Principle.” The “PC Principle,” though similar to the well known “Peter Principle,” the “PC Principle” operates in another arena from the business world of that of the “Peter Principle.” The Politically Correct principle is evident, as never before, in the social systems of America effecting all of its citizens.

The “Peter Principle” is an observation that in an organizational hierarchy, every employee will rise or get promoted to his or her level of incompetence. The Peter Principle is based on the notion that employees will get promoted as long as they are competent, but at some point will fail to get promoted beyond a certain job because it has become too challenging for them. Employees rise to their level of incompetence and stay there. Over time, every position in the hierarchy will be filled by someone who is not competent enough to carry out his or her new duties.

The “PC Principle,” in contrast, is the observation that in an overly fearful society of political correctness where every spoken word, action, use of media, and even facial expression is scrutinized and dissected by those who seek offense. The political correct principle is based on the notion that all social expressions, in any form, will be lowered to the lowest common denominator of social equality, and will at some point, reach a place of destruction of freedom of speech and expression except for those that decry some imagined abuse from others different than themselves. In other words, the only ones that will have the right of expression will be the accusers of others. To be a bigot or racist means to just be alive and seeking to live within the norms of rational living.

Political correctness running amuck in this generation is actually robbing us of real rights and expressions of a free people and granting illegal rights and expressions to the hateful, perverted and lawless members of our society!


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