The Delusion

There must a deep, underlying sense of frustration with the hope of enlightenment, and ideals which some have embraced, perhaps since they were children. Indeed, the common experience is now permeating society, like dampness in a carpet – uncomfortable to all, like an irritation demanding action. Things aren’t working as their imaginations promised, and it is unacceptable. Identities have been staked on fairy tales, and romantic stories.

There is a desire to remake reality. To blame someone or some peoples for the incongruity of being enlightened and yet seeing nothing to confirm it, except one’s own voice and emotions. To band together and transform the world.

The more I squint and look closely, the more it is apparent. There is a hunger for a sweeping escape from the frustration. There is a tiredness of being asked for answers, and an irritation with those who ask for sound conclusions being asked. It is as though the Emperor was being forced to look in the mirror but he doesn’t like his tattered dress and the blemishes. Its time for a new mirror!

There is, in the scripture, the anticipation of a “great (strong) delusion.” It will be a delusion hungered for, and eagerly received. This ‘delusion’ is the divine method for ending the stalemate between self centered resistance and judgment. (this venue is far too limited to expand on this subject, but here is the crux). Decide THIS DAY who you will serve (Joshua 24:15). Joshua’s declaration occurred at the outset of the next phase of history. The people, in this choice, decided what foundation they would go forward on. A great stone was set under an oak, recording the moment and the covenant and EACH PERSON WENT FORWARD TO THEIR OWN INHERITANCE.

At some point there is a collective decision, and the consequences of that decision determine the outcome which the parties involved with live (or die) with.

Its very easy to see the emerging delusion, as it reaches out an gathers in the vulnerable. Is this that delusion which opens the door to a collecting together of this world’s defiant, for judgment? It could well be, for the power of this persuasion it is on a global scale, for the first time, and the results will dictate with all power over all persons.

“And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a LIE”

Who? those who “received not the love of the truth”.