We hear so much about preaching being divisive — I for one still hold to the belief that preaching is a true unifier — uniting men of like precious faith!

In our day the landscape has become cluttered and prolific with various ensigns and banners representing divers causes and movements. Many of these flapping and rippling banners represent the thrust of personalities, while others identify particular groups and organizations. As various as the banners are—likewise are the directions in which they move—some left, some right, others in circular path, a few in reverse and , of course, some straight ahead. Each banner, however, is moved by a particular impetus, some driving force.

There are many just and noble causes, guided by a biblical compass, moving forward in segregated columns, however, these individual banners seem to be oblivious of similar moving forces on their flanks. Could a front become more unified, more instrumental by simply marching closer together with brethren of like faith and purpose? A unified front, of course, is only possible when the individual units are moving in the same direction.

No need to raise a new banner—no need to drop the individual banners—simply close the ranks and march together. We believe that at least in part this can be done. Men can look down the rank and file and see men of like faith possessing a hunger for truth and the will of God and together can step into the future with “forward march!”
It has been evidenced in these critical times that there exists many men, regardless of affiliation, that have heard the trumpet of truth and are rallying to the call. Dedicated men who are driven more from purpose than politics—holiness hungry men who are more interested in truth than tribe.

The scene—Babel. In a moment of time an alarming transformation fell upon the individuals gathered about the Tower of Babel. Clear communication suddenly was disrupted and confusion and mayhem began to reign. Where, only a few moments before, a single language brought clarity and mutual exchange of ideas, now the atmosphere is pregnant with chaos and many voices that can not be understood. Men began to group themselves not according to friendship, stature, wealth, education, or even family, but rather to a common language that the hearer and the speaker could both understand and comprehend. Association and interaction of these men formed around one common denominator—a language which was understandable. One was not able to judge by mere appearance as to whether or not an encountered individual was of the same language as himself, no, it was necessary to speak to the other individual and judge their response. Would they understand or would they show confusion and incomprehension? Only by speaking the language of the speaker could he locate others of the same language.

The scene—present day Pentecost. In the process of time an alarming transformation has evolved amid the ministry of the Apostolic faith. Clear communication of the gospel has become disrupted and much confusion and mayhem reigns. Where, once, a single message of salvation and manner of life brought clarity and power, now the atmosphere is filled with chaos and voices that can not be interpreted. Brethren have begun to group themselves not according to affiliation, status quo, or powers, but rather to a common message which is understandable and believed among themselves. The only criterion of association being a common message. When the message is preached—what is the response? A heart felt agreement or incomprehension? Does the speaker and the hearer communicate or do they stare at each other with confused faces? How can others of the same mind and heart be located? Only by preaching the message!

Truth preaching unifies men who love truth!


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