The Lost Glory

The Latter Rain Evangel
July 1934 Vol. 26, No. 10

The Lost Glory.

The New Zealand Reaper un-earths a seventeenth century criticism of a twentieth century revival. “Even nature,” says William Prynne, the Puritan, “abhors to see a woman shorne or polled. A woman with cut haire is much like a monster; and all repute it a very great absurdity for a woman to walke abrode with shorne haire; for this is all one as if she should take upon her the forme or person of a man, to whom short cut haire is proper; it being naturall and comly to women to nourish their haire, which even God and nature have given them for a covering, a token of subjection, and a naturall badge to distinguish them from men. Yet notwithstanding our English gentlewomen (as if they intended to turn men outright and weare the Breeches, or to become Popish Nonnes) are now growne so farre past shame, past modesty, as to clip their haire like men with lockes and foretops, and to make this whorish cut the very guise and fashion of the times, to the eternal infamy of their sex, their Nation, and the great scan-dall of religion.” There is one touching incident in the life of Christ that beautifully illustrates how that womankind should come and lay her glory at Jesus’ feet. It was the case of the woman that wiped His feet with the hairs of her head. Woman’s hair is symbolic of her glory. Thus this sinner woman laid all the glory of her sex at Jesus’ feet. That women universally practice the cutting of their hair today is a sign of the times showing that in the ripeness of the age, the church as a whole of whom woman is a type, will lose its power, its faith and its glory.

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