Gospel Scammers…. they promise much…. but provide less…..

I’ve been both fascinated and frustrated about something for several years now. Have you noticed how companies are shrinking the size of their products while keeping the packaging the same? The result is less product while the price stays the same or goes up. Marketing experts argue that consumers are more sensitive to price changes than they are to size changes so companies can get away with less quantity. Let me demonstrate.

• Cans of Coffee. Years ago, coffee was sold in 1-pound, 2-pound or 3-pound sizes. Without making the container any smaller, now the weight of some cans is only 11 ounces.

• Shampoo. Do you remember when bottles were one pint, or 16 ounces? Now, there’s less shampoo and more bottle. Notice how the cap at the top makes it seem like the bottle is bigger than it really is. This bottle is only 14.5 ounces.

• Dish Detergent. Initially the bottles shrunk because of the claim that the soap was concentrated. I’ve noticed over time that these smaller sizes no longer are referred to as concentrate; they’ve just stayed smaller while the price has not decreased.

• Orange Juice. The one-gallon container has been shrunk to 96 ounces and yet the packaging makes it look like you’re still buying a whole gallon.

• Ice Cream Containers. Several companies have subtly changed the size of their containers from ½ gallon to 1.75 quarts. When consumers started complaining, some of the companies explained that the smaller size fits better in the freezer! It’s almost like they’re doing us a favor!

Interestingly, the packaging industry has dubbed these new containers “cheater cups” because they’re designed to fool consumers. One thing companies are counting on is that it’s easy to sneak a subtle change past people. Give me a break! While there is often backlash at the beginning, most consumers end up accepting the change.

Sound Familiar, Preacher?

It ought to… there are many churches that have been victims of this same slight-of-hand in a doctrinal way… they still have the “wrapper” but the quantity of Truth has been diminished. The word “holiness” is still used in many churches but the content of the message has been “downsized” and in some cases completely emptied of any real power… it is only a “form.”

Don’t you think that, instead of the world’s way of scamming, that true saints deserve the full content of the counsel of God?

— jlg —

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