The Fawn and the Old Mountain

The Fawn and the Old Mountain

The old Indian told the story of the mountain and the fawn …… where the fawn, just gaining mastery of his shaky legs, and feeling good about his progress gained a new self-confidence and felt he was now ready to face all the world and its mysteries.

The fawn studied the trees and remarked that he too could stand upright just like they could – to which the trees replied, “Yes, but can you give shade to the weary?” The fawn laughed, “I don’t have time to stand in one place all day like you – I have important things to do.”

The fawn looked at the gushing stream and said, “I am faster than you!” To which the stream replied, “Yes, you are swift, but can you give drink to the weary?” And the fawn replied, “I cannot spend my time just waiting for others to show up!”

The fawn peered at the old high mountain in the far distance and said, “I can leap high over you!” And the mountain said, “From where you are to where I am makes it seem so I am sure – but come closer – come to where I am.” And the fawn sped away toward the old mountain …. he ran and ran …. and ran some more ….. the mountain growing ever higher and he becoming more and more exhausted from his running.

The closer he ran toward the mountain the higher it grew and the more exhausted he became ….. until his lungs felt like fire and the heat became unbearable…… but then he chanced to stumble under a high tree that shed its shade right beside a stream with cool water….he enjoyed BOTH very much!

Once he had rested he peered again at the old mountain which now filled the sky and it realized he could never leap that high …… and the old mountain said, “When we begin our journeys we many times don’t realize that many miles makes many lessons …. now you know the power of a tree and the power of a stream – that they exist for others as well as for themselves. And you have also learned that great distance from someone creates a great illusion – but when you come to where they are – you discover not only their true character – but you also discover even a greater thing — the real you.”

–By Pastor James Groce – ’09–

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