Destination Ditch

What a striking word picture the Bible presents when it speaks of the blind leading the blind! One cannot help but envision this hopeless situation. To see in the mind’s eye the staggering progress of some hopeful blind individual(s) being led by another as blind as themselves progressing to no good end – makes the desired point of Jesus’ teaching.
Looking about the Pentecostal landscape these days I fear we are seeing this blind leadership scenario transpiring all about us. It matters little how big the crowd of followers be nor how enthusiastic they parade along if the lead element is as blind as their unenlightened throng—the ditch awaits them all!There are present day issues that demand clarity and divine insight if we are to avoid the deep ditch of worldliness. Abounding are the blind parading with banners declaring; “TV SAVES,” and “SEMANTICS IS ALL THAT SEPARATES US FROM OUR TRINITY BROTHERS,” and “FREE OUR WOMEN WITH SCISSORS,” and “BUILD BRIDGES NOT BONDAGE!” And many other such declarations conceived and lettered in darkness.

The ground swells to such causes today continue to grow. And the music and din of the passing parade draws other blind supporters from their houses—like a blindfolded Pied Piper! Like the gay movement of history that once sought privacy in their demonic possession – now they march boldly and openly. So have we witnessed the acceptance in apostolic ranks of those that flagrantly march against holiness and righteousness.

They affirm themselves among themselves and think they are wise. The voice of apostolic reason and principle they close their ears to – so they become both deaf and blind! They remind us of a ship that meet disaster because they sought help only from themselves.

On December 3, 1927, the Greek steamer Kyzikes ran aground on the outer banks near Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. The ship broke in two after hitting the rocks. The storm that drove the ship ashore was apparently ferocious enough that visibility was almost zero, because the men on the bow could see what they thought was a rescue ship coming along side. However the rescue ship turned out to be the severed stern of their own ship. The men on the stern were returning the signals the men on the bow were sending. It was a classic case of the blind leading the blind!

Once we close our eyes to truth and our ears to a balanced ministry we are doomed! Our survival as true apostolics depends on keeping a balance in the ministry—men preaching as God directs.


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