72 Hours In The Grave?

Advisory for those who state hard questions are not important.

Is there a reason to wonder about why 3 days and 3 nights heart of the earth can be fit into Friday-Sunday? (Matt 12:40 – agreeing with the sign of the Prophet Jonas, with specificity recurring in the gospels about 8 times, specifically regarding the resurrection, and more regarding resurrection metaphors)

YES. It is NEVER acceptable to accept the idea that “no one understands”, “Its mystery of translation”, “The early church understood better” etc. or to listen to the arguments of those who dismiss the language as simply suggestive. Especially not when it I repeated with specificity and NO tone of vagueness exists in the scripture.

The briefest necessary facts to understand this.

The Hebrew calendar: Calendar days begin at sundown or 6PM (Evening) and the middle of the day is sunrise (6AM). The end of the day approaching Sundown can be called early evening.

When and How did Jesus die?

Jesus was foreshadowed by the Passover Lamb from the days of the first Passover. The calendar regarding the taking, preparing, killing and eating of the Passover was given by God and was specific. It is inconceivable that it would be blurry, because it instructs of the reality of the Lamb of God and the reality of His being, authority, value and actions.

According to the pattern already laid down for 1500 years, Jesus as the Lamb was chosen on 10 Abib (a Sunday, and 1st day of the new week), as required by the law.
The Lamb was kept on the 2-3 days of the week, Monday and Tuesday.
The Lamb was prepared and slain and buried before sundown, 13 Abib, a Wednesday.
14 Abib is the first night and day in the tomb concluding at 6PM Thursday, the feast of the Passover, and 5th day of the week (our understanding of the calendar day’s beginning would say Thursday started at 6 hours into the new day, at 12AM)
15 Abib is the second night and day in the tomb, the 6th day of the week and the first Feast of unleavened bread. This is our Friday of the crucifixion week, but begins at 6PM of our Thursday.
16 Abib is the third and last day and night in the tomb. this was the 7th day of the week, or weekly standard Sabbath. This is a another special Sabbath: Feast of First Fruits.
17 Abib, calendar day 1 of the week begins on what we would call the evening of Saturday. This is the third day ofUnleavened Bread, and another special Sabbath. (Remember the Hebrew accounting of days) A great earthquake occurs just before sundown (the end of the day of Abib 16). Jesus has arisen before the Marys arrive, setting about the desire to obtain spices, and anoint their Savior.

There is no reason at all to twist and obfuscate to justify the traditional religious burial on Friday. By our “Good Friday” late afternoon, Jesus has been in the ground already nearly two days and nights. On Sunday morning, Jesus has already been “up all night”. He first greets mortals with the light of day.

Jesus arose “While it was yet dark” meaning before the moonrise.

The scripture conveys a consistent and meaningful testimony of the reality that has given us Life.. Never, and for NO PRICE exchange the truth, especially things of such great importance which, if allowed to be called vague, erode the Life we stand on and with!

mwb 4/20/2019

(this detailing is not original to me, and is owned by everyone ever instructed in the scripture. Do your honorable duty and bring others to understanding)