When Two Very Different Worlds Collide

Even though, geographically speaking, the world of human spectators and the world of animal spectacles were set in the same area, nevertheless, they were never meant to blend together. The spectators and the spectacles were always separated by some barrier that was meant to keep the two from co-mingling. This is how a zoo was meant to operate.

Yet, recently, at the Cincinnati Zoo that separation was suddenly and regrettably shattered when a three-year-old child managed to breach the barrier somehow and tumbled into Harame the gorilla’s world. The collision of two innocent and apparently unwary creatures brought about a tragic ending for one of the creatures. Harambe, a Swahili word that means “Pull together,” was shot dead by the local zoo keepers which feared for the safety of the child.

It would have been “just-another-day-at-the-zoo” if the barriers had remained uncrossed—from either side—and the humans would have strolled uneventfully to the parking lots and their waiting cars and the animals would have crept into their dens and places of zoo-dom at the end of the day, however, that was not to be because that day two very different worlds collided.

This breach of a separation line by a child is somewhat like the misguided and careless heart of a carnal christian who fails to comprehend two things; first, the reason for the barrier and second for the danger that lurks beyond the separation line of two very different worlds.

Once the child, leaving behind his world, and ventured into the gorilla’s world the rules immediately changed for that child. He was now beyond reach of a loving mother’s hands and all that the human spectators could now do was to look on in alarm as to what was taking place in that other world.

Regretfully, the carnal christian may realize too late that he has ventured into a dangerous environment, by his own doing, and that all the loving hands now seem to be too distant to aid him! That wayward individual has placed himself in another world—a world where the animalistic nature rules! What seemed so easy to “get into” now becomes a nearly impossible feat to extract himself from!

What eventually “saved” the child was the “death” of the animal who had welcomed him into his world and into its clutches. The escape to those “taken captive at his command” (sin) may only be rescued when they die out to the sin into which they ventured and to leave the world of death and renter the world of grace via the altar of life! “Repent” from having left that “first love!”

The outcome could have been far different had there not been someone who realized the jeopardy which the child was in and took measures to try to save a life that could end in mere moments. Beyond the barrier back in the human world the cries of concern was heard but for the carnal christian the prayers of the concerned saints must mix themselves with a repentant heart that desires to be rescued. Hope is available for those who truly desire to leave the world of sin and regain the world of righteousness!

When two very different worlds collide—the world which wins the day will be the world which the soul desires the most to reside in—the world of the church or the world of sin—the choice dear wayward heart is yours!