Why God Became A Man

God became, in time, something He was not—a man. At the same time, He remained what He always was—God Who filleth all in all. He became The God-Man, Jesus Christ. As the God-Man, Jesus is one person with complete yet distinct divine and human natures. Why did God become a man?

If Jesus came to alleviate oppressive human governments, He didn’t have to be God. Even if Jesus came to raise the dead, He did not have to be God. Prophets before him had done that, and apostles after Him will do that. So, why the God-Man? It’s very simple. Jesus Christ, the God-Man, came to forgive sins because that’s our problem.

Indeed, that is our problem. It’s not sickness. It’s not disability. It was not the captivity of the Romans. It was not the misguided Pharisees. Our problem is the wrath of God as sinners. We who were far off have been made nigh. We are brought near. How? By the precious Blood of Jesus Christ. “For this reason came I” stated Jesus. God, not a second person of the Godhead, became Flesh and dwelt among us! To what end? Calvary, says it all!