We judge from scripture that female passes nature and father passes identity.

We judge from scripture that female passes nature and father passes identity, and concur that nature is where inclination to sin is present (human nature as with Eve, but identity is conveyed by father (“you are of your father, the devil” – Jesus to Pharisees), and thus name and inheritance is conveyed through patriarchy. Mary provided the human nature and “inclination to sin” but notice, Joseph provided NO paternal name (i.e. identity) to Jesus – not bar-Joseph, but the son of God. Adam was the son of God, but Cain was not as his father imparted his identity as a sinner, separated from God. (While Mary was a sinner, likewise, in Gods design she imparted only her human nature.)

Jesus, the second Adam, as a man had God for His father but, unlike Adam, was born of a woman, not made of the earth hence unlike the first Adam his nature was provided by the woman who was designated to carry the human nature, but be related to the man only by marriage. So we see the Church, the Mother of Us All as the Bride of Christ, and the human vessel into which the divine nature is imparted through the new birth. Its very beautiful, and lets us know that when we fail to understand the roles and relationships of man and woman, we are also unclear on the nature of God’s plan for salvation.

The so called divine flesh doctrine denies the continued existence of the sinful nature, by extending the error of Jesus’ nature to the one who is born again, suggesting the old nature is eradicated – an error which appears in other religious groups and leads to some real trouble.