The Root Of The Matter

There is something amazing about Chinese bamboo and the way it grows.

Once you plant it, you need to water it, nurture it, and fertilize it every day. But nothing happens the first year. You do the same thing the next year, and still nothing happens. That’s right, you see no results for 4 long years!

You’re waiting for results, not seeing any evidence of progress. Can you imagine yourself doing the same things every day, not having any evidence that your efforts are having any effect?

The only thing you know, is that the result is supposed to come in 4 years. But then what happens on the fifth year is just awesome. One morning you wake up and see a small bamboo sprig, then the next day an even bigger one and in 5 weeks it has grown up to 90 feet!

Yes, this is how the Chinese bamboo grows!

What do you think – did it do all its growing in the last 5 weeks, or was it growing for 4 years? It’s obvious that the bamboo was growing underground the whole time – without visible evidence, but it was growing. It was developing the solid root system necessary to support the height and weight of the bamboo stalk for a lifetime.

It all starts with a solid root system

To stand strong, the bamboo grows and develops its root system for 4 long years, so it can support the whole structure and weight above ground when the day comes. This support system enables it to survive in the harshest conditions for many, many years, thanks to durability, strength and flexibility it developed ahead of time.

Without that solid foundation, it could grow from the beginning – other types of bamboo do – but it could not support the size and long life it does with that root system.

2. It takes small actions every day

In the early days, the bamboo does not grow overnight. In life, there is no such thing as overnight success. Yes, that’s true, in spite of what you constantly hear in the media and what we all wish. Real success takes time and diligent effort. You become successful by doing the right things on a regular basis to move closer to your goals.

Small actions today make a big difference in the long run.

3. It takes persistence, patience and faith

Some dreams may take months or even years to accomplish. If you start working on your goals and dreams today, but don’t see immediate results, will you continue tomorrow? How much faith and patience will that require?

Successful people don’t stop – they move forward, even if they don’t see immediate results. They know that if they put in the effort, doing the right things every day, then results will eventually come. Remember, the Chinese bamboo story is a perfect example of that.

Don’t let your mood, circumstances or people derail you. Get started, and keep going.