The Easter Controversy

Of all the seasonal controversies, two dominate: 1) Was the birth of Jesus Christ a Winter Solstice event?  answer: No. Indeed, this is very easy to determine.
2) Is “Easter” a pagan holiday? Like the first question, there is a matter of calendar, but also of some imputed association with the previous Pagan celebration (see ‘bunnies, chickens, and marshmallow critters’). We must ask “What do you celebrate?” but following very closely will come the question “How often?”
This is more difficult, because of course, it is specifically linked to the time of the Passover, but has been appropriated and refined by Ecclesiastical powers, over the last 20 centuries.
These controversies, while having some significance to every person, also eclipse the significance of the moment.
In reality, calendar days, celebrations of seasons, and times, and such mean nothing to the Christian.
True enough – I reject the ancient association of the seasonal, astrological, and commemorative celebrations with both the birth of Jesus Christ, which we see no one in our authorized Biblical text celebrating, or the resurrection – also notably without Biblical mention of a calendar anchor for celebration apart from our knowledge of the events of that fateful Passover, foreshadowed some 1500 years before as the People of God left the bondage of Egypt.
However, I do not reject the constant and ever abiding belief and ultimately knowledge that God was manifested in the flesh, and dwelt among us, then became our sacrifice carrying our sins and failures and inadequacy to the Cross where we were given invitation to die to sin with the Sinless Man, and rise again unto newness of life with God’s very real impartation of His Spirit, to the lifeless man, restoring and completing us. Revealing Himself for THIS, and ONLY THIS practical purpose was the design of all the Law and Prophets.
The giving of the law at Sinai broke man’s capacity for pride, as we see ourselves reflected in its perfection as imperfect. The real fulfillment on the day of Pentecost, the pouring out of the manifest Word of God in His Spirit – for God to take up residence inside of man.. this is the fulfullment, Jesus was crucified that we might live.
The scriptures tell us, for THIS reason he was born into this world. Not to be celebrated one day of the year – neither His birth, nor his death, burial and resurrection: But to be LIVED – every day of every year until He returns for His church.
Even so, any pretense at all – even a religious holiday, serves as an opportunity talk about these great truths!
Have a peep!