It’s in Your Head

One of the most stunning ideas that infects Christendom, sometimes more than others but especially right now, is the notion that Doctrine and ministry which brings personal benefits to needy people are separable and even unrelated.

To see how crazy this idea really is it is necessary to examine what doctrine is. Perhaps this is the most misrepresented and misunderstood concept in modern churches.

Doctrine is nothing more and nothing less than the teaching of God to humanity concerning himself, his plan, His power, and the structure and nature of all things with which we have to do.

Doctrine is simply the sum of what we know about God. This seems less significant until we consider that all that we know about God, he imparted to us for the benefit that we might have faith, understanding of his grace and nature, and that there is no other way to know this or to believe except for through what he has revealed himself.

Religion built upon wishful thinking, and vague ideas actually objects to the sense of requirement of knowledge, and emotionally defense against anything that are used to being satisfied in the immediate moment, “just as I am”.

Apart from doctrine there is no understanding, and apart from understanding there is no basis for trust. Everyday we encounter examples of those who hide from facts so as not to be bothered by them. The umbrella of deliberate ignorance provide shelter against immediate emotional distress, but also against success.

The boy was a habitual thief of trivial things always sneaking something in the store and putting it in his pocket. Is Uncle saw this several times and told him, “You know, you may not get caught but one day you will realize that you’ve done wrong and your own conscience will bother you and never leave you alone”. The smart-alack little boy setters uncle “It’ll be okay because they will just forgive me. Apparently he had picked up a lesson or two in Sunday School. The uncle said, it’s true you may be forgiven, but will you be able to forgive yourself when you realize what a nasty little boy you’ve been?”

The clever little lad saw the uncle’s point, and quickly pulled out his defensive armor saying “don’t learn me that”. If ever you and I get an idea that seems inescapably true, … We cant escape it. In the end we are blessed or damned by what we know to be true, and unarguable.

Since there is an abundance of wisdom send from above through the prophets and the apostles and the Lord Jesus Christ himself the manifestation of Truth in flesh, we had best reconcile ourselves to make the most of knowledge. No sensible person would try to reach their destination without a map, and no one with the slightest sanity attempts to navigate spiritual territory without the knowledge of the map maker who has been there before him and can certify the way.

Scripture self describes in many places. The apostle says it is for doctrine (it is implicit that doctrine is essential – it is the delivery vehicle for all else), reproof and instruction in righteousness. more poetic terms were given by the psalmist saying it is a lamp unto our feet, and a light unto our path. What shamefully poor habits in Bible study and meditation would be indicted if it wasn’t plainly understood that this path we walk has no other light, as it is understood that you need a car to get around in the modern world.

John’s epistle opens with a very profound statement: the Word was God. Your relationship with God is as deep as your relationship with the word. Yes it’s true though excuses are made for individuals who have other interests.

Episcopals could not know about the sacrificial act of Calvary apart from doctrine. Baptiats could not profess the power of faith apart from Doctrine. Without Doctrine, the concept of love is at best a sentiment. Pentecostals could not know the power of the name of Jesus, the remission of sins, and the birth of the Spirit unless divine truth were at least partially en-grafted into our hearts. Learn the doctrine of doctrine after reading this, for your well being, strength and success.

You won’t find much doctrine or the authority to convey it, on Facebook sad to say. Truth that is in your heart found it’s way in through your head. Truth that you rely on that isn’t in your head isn’t yours at all and will not be present in time of need.

Doctrine is God’s means of delivering power, and strength… for saving your life! Neglect it and neglect everything of value.

In 2019 your closest friend is The Word of God: Doctrine. Counsel and healing, comfort and wisdom are knocking. Don’t close the door on Him again this year. If it’s in your head it can be in your heart by saying “yes”.

If it’s not, have a cheeseburger, at least it’s something.