In Honor of All of God’s Obscure Preachers

In Honor of All of God’s Obscure Preachers

“And over the olive trees and the sycamore trees that were in the low plains was Baal-hanan the Gederite: and over the cellars of oil was Joash:” 1 Chronicles 27:28

Joash had the distinction of being over the store of oil—he was responsible for the supplies of olive oil—he managed the cellars of oil. Josh’s job was not a flashy job nor was it one that really attracted a lot of attention. In fact, much of his time was spent hidden away from the eyes of men in the obscurity of a cellar.

There are many unsung obscure heroes in the church who labor on faithfully, methodically, carefully, and often hidden. Obscurity marks the path of many—far away from the spotlight of renown and the accolades of the multitudes. In God’s great kingdom the faithful and obscure service, while obscure from man, never goes unnoticed by God.

Joash, the keeper of the cellar literally kept the lights of Israel going with his hidden ministry and service to God. His duty was also to preserve and guard the oil in his often silent and lonesome cellar. Joash was a true watchmen of the night as a keeper of the cellar.

His job was an unnoticed job. Very few people ever saw Joash laboring in obscurity. While many of the King’s men were those who were out front and quickly noticed by the people. It was an honor to be one of the king’s “seen” men but it did not do much for one’s self-esteem to be an “unseen” man of the king.

The cellar keeper’s job was often an uncomfortable job—he lived and worked in the cellar. A cellar which was often dark, damp, and, worst of all, it was not full of people. Day in and day out he faithfully maintained his duty in the cellar. Without Joash’s oil from the cellar all the kingdom lamps would have been dark.

Joash probably had no idea that when he signed on for his obscure job that it would entail such majesty and such dignity and such importance. He was working in the cellar for something that he could not see.

May we ever be grateful to those faithful men who labor in obscurity but their results have fueled the lamps that radiate the glory of God in this dark hour.

Preacher friend not all of the work of the ministry is accomplished under the limelights …. much of it is accomplished in the cellar of obscurity. Be faithful in the cellar and He will reward you openly.

— jlg —

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