Easter Timeline

Easter Timeline

Bear in mind the “day” of the week begins at sunset.

Jesus’ glorification and Passover week

Sunday 10 Abib lamb is selected on day 1 Exodus 12:3-4
Monday 11 Abib Lamb is kept on day 2 Exodus 12:5
Tuesday 12 Abib Lamb is kept on Day 3 Exodus 12:6(A)
Wednesday 13 Abib Lamb is prepared on Day 4 Exodus 12:6(b), 7
Thursday 14 Abib 1st Special Sabbath Passover Exodus 12:8-14
Friday 15 Abib 2nd Special Sabbath Unleavened Bread Exodus 12:15-17
Saturday 16th Abib Sabbath, Feast of First Fruits Exodus 23:16-19

The Lamb appears on the day of keeping Matt 21:1-22 Sunday 10th

The Lamb teaches in the temple and is hidden on the Mt of Olives Monday 11th

The Lamb spends the day with the disciples and sends them to obtain a location for their passover gathering Tuesday, 12th

The Lamb is prepared, expressing his last teaching to his disciples at the founding of the feast of remembrance, is examined before Pilate, scourged, accused condemned, and crucified and was dead and in the earth before the end of the day (sundown) Wednesday 13th.

The Lamb is in the grave his first night and day. The Passover supper is eaten this day across Israel. The sadducees and pharisees must collaborate to obtain a guard on the tomb.. Thursday 14th

The Lamb is entombed the second night and day. The people rest in this, a second Sabbath day. They prepare to go out to grave the first day of the week, after the third Sabbath (second special Sabbath) Friday 15th

The lamb spends third full night and day in the earth. The women will anoint the body in the morning, leaving to buy spices after sundown, but before Jesus rises. There is a great earthquake as the moon rises and light comes (while it is yet dark). Jesus rises, and the women come to see if there was damage. They find the stone removed and an angel declaring the resurrection. Saturday 16th, into Sunday 17th.

Sunset 4/13/32 is 6PM. Moonrise 4/13/32 is 8:30PM.

– Bassett 2016

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